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Sound Design has never been easier.

Introducing Mangl3r, DistorK's big brother.

Mangl3er is Simple, Intuitive, and most importantly, Powerful.

The most important, and powerful feature? Band Slitting. Split your track into three bands: Low, Medium, High. Each band has it's own distortion processing that you can customize in infinite ways.

Don't like the order of your processing? Change it on the fly and create something completely new! The distortion modules are drag and drop, allowing you to reorder your distortion algorithm to your hearts content.

Oversample up to 8x to avoid any nasty artifacts

Use the analyzer to get a quick reference on what your track is doing and see what you are doing to it. Each band can be bypassed, or muted, allowing you to very quickly change the sound, or revert back to original for easy A/B testing.

Praise from Others

"I had the pleasure of doing some testing for Mangl3r, and I can say with confidence that the creative power this distortion plugin gives is amazing. Mangl3r also does two things especially well:
1) It is very intuitive and FUN to use
2) it sounds awesome
def recommend"

-Shygybeats (@shygybeats)

"I’m really excited to say I’m helping @kitikdub beta test Mangl3r for Mac. It’s available for windows only but will be Mac available soon. It has already replaced all my distortions and overdrives in one session and is a sound design BEAST. It’s insanely affordable as well. Don’t sleep on this bad boy and grab it while it’s on sale!!"

-AZEO (@AzeoMusic)

If you made it this for, enjoy this discount code on Mangl3r, I hope you enjoy!
Discount Code: MANGL3R410

I want this!

EXE for Windows, PKG for Mac

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0 ratings
I want this!